Borut Furlan showed his work on many exhibitions in Slovenia and in neighbouring countries (Austria, Italy, Croatia, Serbia).

National Geographic Slovenia exhibition, Ljubljana, 2015

Slide shows and digital projections

From 1985 till 2007 (when digital cameras prevailed over classic) Borut Furlan performed about 40 public slide shows in Slovenia, Croatia and Italy (slide shows were performed from two projectors with image-transitions and music accompaniment). Now he continues his shows with a digital HD projector (JVC HD350).

Other activies

Borut took part in many press conferences and presentations of his photo monographs, (A Journey into the Silent Worlds and Piran, Where the Sea Meets the Town) some other books containing his photographs. He had some lectures about underwater photography and many interviews for radio stations, TV and newspapers. In 2002 director Igor Vrtańćnik made a 35 minutes documentary titled Portrait of an Underwater Photographer. In 2008, Borut took part in a documentary titled Hunters of the Darkness, by the same director.

In 2007 he organised and performed the first comprehensive (2 weeks) course in underwater photography in Slovenia, for which he also wrote a textbook (440 pages, approximately 1700 pictures, in Slovenian language).
Presentation of the book Under the Surface
of Mediterranean

Participants on the practical part of the first underwater
photography course held by Borut Furlan (Piran 2007)