Magazines, newspapers, brochures and calendars

Borut Furlan published most of the reports from his voyages as a permanent contributor in the Slovenian nautical magazine Val. In 2001 he was the editor of the 16-page diving section in this magazine.

With his pictures or articles he contributed to more than 50 different magazines, newspapers and brochures in Slovenia and other countries, including Croatia, Germany, Poland, Russia, United States, Australia.... His pictures were published in 10 different calendars.

More then 60 of his photos were published on cover pages of different books and magazines.

Borut Furlan has published his photos in the following books:

  • Steven Weinberg: 100 Ans de Photographie Sous-marine, Luxembourg, 1993. The book was published at the centenary of underwater photography. Borut has a two-pages photograph published, which was also his first photo published abroad.
  • Animal Encyclopaedia, Tehniška založba Slovenije, 1994 (2 photos)
  • Tom Turk: Animal world of the Adriatic Sea, DZS, Ljubljana, 1996 (biological guide, includes 228 of his photographs)
  • Tomislav Petrović: Breath-hold diving and underwater spearfishing, Prirodnjački muzej Beograd, Serbia,1996 (12 photos)
  • Helmut Debelius: Mediterranean and Atlantic Fish Guide, IKAN, Germany, 1998 (28 photos)
  • Helmut Debelius, Red Sea Reef Guide, IKAN, Germany, 1998 (27 photos)
  • Helmut Debelius, Crustacea Guide of the World, IKAN, Germany, 1999 (12 photos)
  • Danijel Frka, Secrets of Adriatic (Adriatic wrecks), Adamić, Croatia, 2002 (8 photos)
  • Proceedings / Miscellany 50 years of DRM Ljubljana, 2002, (80 pgs.), chief editor, author of 2 text pieces and 19 photos
  • Animals of Slovenia, Tehniška založba Slovenije 2003, 4 photos
  • Mate Dolenc, Marine Portraits (Adriatic animals), Pisanica 2003, author of images (155 photos)
  • Ewald Lieske, Robert Myers, Coral Reef Guide Red Sea, Collins, Great Britain, 2004 (1 photo)
  • Antun Gavranić, Podvodna fotografija, HRS, Croatia, 2004 (1 photo)
  • Mate Dolenc, Constellation Adriatic, Intelego 2004, (cover photo)
  • Pearls of the World in the Eyes of Travellers, Gea, Mladinska knjiga, 2005 (7 photos)
  • Tomislav Petrović: Breath-hold diving and underwater spearfishing, Aquanaut, Serbia, 2005 (36 photos)
  • Borut Furlan, A Jouney into the Silent Worlds, Didakta, 2006 (300 pages, 284 underwater photos)
  • Helmut Debelius, Rudie Kuiter: World Atlas of Marine Fishes, Ikan, Germany, 2006 (6 photos)
  • Tom Turk: Under the Surface of Mediterranean, Modrijan 2007 (cover photo and 861 photos)
  • Borut Furlan, Underwater Photography, 2007, (textbook, 440 pages, about 1700photos and illustrations)
  • Joco Žnidaršič, Slovenia - the Beauty of Europe, Veduta, 2007 (3 photos)
  • Luciano Poggiani, Pesci dell' Adriatico, Italy, 2009 (1 photo)
  • Naoko Funakoshi, Wonderful Water Plasnet, Japan, 2010 (3 photos)
  • Borut Furlan, Piran, Where the Sea Meets the Town, Littera Picta, 2013 (204 pages, 320 images)
  • Žarko Saič, The Diving Helmets in Slovenia, 2016 (3 photos)

  Piran, Where the Sea
Meets the Town