A Journey into the Silent Worlds
Borut Furlan
A Journey into the Silent Worlds
Underwater Photography 1995-2004

Text and photographs by Borut Furlan
English translation by Senta Šetinc
Graphic design by Helena Marolt Umek, ELEA iC
Editing by Nadja Maraž, ELEA iC
Pre-Press by Camera d.o.o.
Printed by Tiskarna Hren
Published by Didakta d.o.o., Radovljica 2006
For the publisher Rudi Zaman

ISBN: 961-6530-41-0
77.058.2(497.4):929 Furlan B.
COBISS.SI-ID 221321216

Book size: 265 x 265 mm, Hard cover
296 pages
283 underwater photographs


The feeling was strange, unearthly, and heavenly. Unlimited breathing under water, no need to surface for air all the time! To be able to move in all three dimensions, to resist gravity so effortlessly, to have control over space and time!

Diving deeper than ever before and sharing the world with fish.Their world. Total freedom and independence. These were the feelings that I experienced during my initial walks into the depths, when I obtained my diving licence at the age of 18. This was the beginning of my true addiction, of my long journey, the eternal search for and perpetual returns to those silent worlds.

The journey with one goal only: that it would never end….


Silent Worlds

They are so fragile, so sensitive and vulnerable that only the silent, dancing light would dare to caress them when it sends its rays through the waving border between the two worlds. Then again, they are so majestic that not even the most grandiose mainland mountains can compete with them. They rest deeply down there, in the dark murkiness under the blue roof, hidden to our eyes, forever silent…