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Borut Furlan is leading underwater photographer in Slovenia. He has a Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree in chemistry.

Borut started diving in 1977 (More about diving) and entered the world of underwater photography in 1979, building his own underwater housing for his first camera and later he built three more. Since 1998 he uses state of the art Seacam underwater camera housings. Since 1980 he uses exclusively Nikon photographic equipment, from 2006 digital Nikon D2x and from 2012 Nikon D800. (More about equipmenti)

He is participating in underwater photography competitions since the beginning of his career. In ten years, from 1994 to 2003, when he quit competing in national contests, he won the title of the national champion in general underwater photography every year. The most important of his international awards are certainly the 3rd place on the CMAS World Championship in Underwater Photography in Egypt in 2000, "Best of show" award on "Our World Underwater" contest in USA in 2008 and award for the best story in local editions of National Geographic Magazine in 2013. (More about competitions and awards)

Borut Furlan had many photo exhibitions, lectures and multivision slide shows in Slovenia and in neighbouring countries. In 2007 he organised and performed the first comprehensive (2 weeks duration) course in underwater photography in Slovenia. (More about presentations)

His work was published in many domestic and foreign publications, among other in magazines and brochures and has more than 60 cover shots. He published some calendars and cooperated in several book editions. In 2006 he presented the first Slovenian underwater photo monograph, A Journey into the Silent Worlds, published by Didakta and in 2013 a photo monograph Piran, Where the Sea Meets the Town, published by Littera Picta. (More about publications)

Borut Furlan is mainly cooperating with an underwater photographer Irena Čok, and with his daughter Urška.