SaleFotografiranje po dogovoru

You can choose images in one of my galleries (Underwater Gallery, Land Images or Latest Images where you can find images from my latest travels). If you can’t find an image that suits your needs, please contact me, tell me what you are looking for and I’ll send you additional sample images in low res. (600x400). I have some tens of thousands of images in my stock. You can buy printed images or digital files.

Alternatively, you can buy my images also in a stock agency Waterframe or Getty Images, which hold several thousands of my images in their stock.


Printed images

Images can be printed only, or printed and framed (available only in Slovenia). Prints are sent via mail in a cardboard casing.
Prints are laminated with cold pressure sensitive film on the upper side, and they can have a uniform border, 5 or 10 cm wide.
Framed prints are mounted on foam board (normally Forex) and framed in an aluminum frame.

Printed images prices (without postage)

Print 30 x 45 cm                                                                                                  
Print 30 x 45 cm + 5 cm border (= 40 x 55 cm)                                             
Print 40 x 60 cm                                                                                                  
Print 40 x 60 cm + 10 cm border (= 60 x 80 cm)                                          

Frame for 30 x 45 cm image                                                                             
Frame for 40 x 55 cm image                                                                            
Frame for 40 x 60 cm image                                                                              
Frame for 60 x 80 cm image   

100 €
105 €
200 € 
210 €

+30 €  
+35 €
+35 €
+40 €


Images can also be printed in any other size.
The prices are for public use only (images displayed in public places, like stores, waiting rooms, offices, streets, etc…). For domestic use some discount is available.

Digital files (meant mostly for publications)

Digital images are scanned slides (at 4000 dpi) or digital files directly from digital camera. Digital images can be sent via email (in high-quality JPEG format), or sent to your ftp server, or burned on CD/DVD (in JPEG or TIFF format) and sent by mail.
Prices of digital files depend on the size of the image and the purpose of use.
I can give some discounts to students and non-profit organizations (institutes, universities), web portals etc.